The Dirt Caused By The Dust Around Was Present On His Wrinkled Body, An Unde…

The dirt caused by the dust around was present on his wrinkled body, an understatemer that he has not taken his bath yet. I was standing on his back, observing. He lends his hand as if asking for money on every people that pass by and will utter the word “pangkain lan po”. Out of pity and curiosity, I went in front of him end asked him where were his children he answered “may kanya-kanya nang asawa”. I frown in dismay and nodded. Upon hearing his answer, I’ve realized how ungrateful his children were. At that momen I promised myself to take care of my parents ’til the day they bid their farewell in this world. can’t afford to see my parents in his situation. And I think, that’s the least that I can do to pa them back. Life had been really hard to those people who are less fortunate. It seems like they’v been forgotten not only by their loved ones but the society. Now, I realized why my parent are working hard for us to send to school and have a better life because they’ve been ther and don’t want us to be in that situation. Those less fortunate people deserve to experienc the best in life for they’ve been through enough. But, no one will help them but themselves They should be the one to act first and the rest will follow. For people like us, if we thought that we have the heaviest problems, think twice or thrice There were people out there who suffered a lot but are still fighting, and so us too. Take ever problem an opportunity to be stronger and be an inspiration to other people. Prompt Questions: 8. What was the most memorable part of your own experience? 7. Do you remember any, similar series of events you experienced? 6. How would you have reacted differently if you were the main character? 5. What are the most emotionally charged parts of the story? 4. Are there any conflicts/problems in the story? How does the conflict progress? How was it resolved? 3. Where does this story take place? How does the place influence the storyline or sequence of events? 2. Who is the main character? Who are the other important characters in the story? 1. What is the story about? What is the main topic of the text?​

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1. The story is about the narrator’s encounter with a poor and neglected individual and the reflection it prompts regarding the importance of caring for one’s parents.

2. The main character is the narrator who observes and interacts with the poor individual.

3. The story takes place in an unspecified location, described as a place where less fortunate people are forgotten by both their loved ones and society. The place sets the backdrop for the encounter and the reflection on the plight of the less fortunate.

4. The conflict in the story revolves around the neglect and ungratefulness of the poor individual’s children towards their father. It progresses as the narrator observes the poor man’s situation and learns about his children’s lack of support. The conflict is not fully resolved in the story.

5. The emotionally charged parts of the story include the description of the poor man’s appearance, the interaction between the narrator and the poor man, the disappointment and realization of the narrator regarding the poor man’s children, and the narrator’s determination to take care of their own parents.

6. If the narrator were the main character, they might have reacted differently by confronting the poor man’s children or taking immediate action to help the poor man instead of just making a personal commitment.

7. The story does not provide information about any similar series of events experienced by the reader.

8. The most memorable part of the reader’s own experience would vary for each individual and is not mentioned in the given context.

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