Lt Us Remember 1. Data Or Information Can Come From Two Sources. T…

lt us remember

1. Data or information can come from two sources. These are the____________________ ond_____________________. 2. A __________is an example of a primary source that is often used as an instrument in writing research papers. 3. In writing survey questions, the following pitfall should be avoided: _________,_________,_______,__________, and _________. and 4. Aside from narrative form, survey results can be reflected through __________. 5. The structure of a data commentary is usually consists of______________,________ and_____________. 6. Writing research report is essential in various disciplines because______________________________________________________________________________________.


1. Primary sources and Secondary sources

2. manuscripts

3. Leading Questions, Double-Negative Questions, Double-Barreled Questions, Hypothetical Questions, Restricted Answer Options.

4. stories

5. Assess standard theory, common beliefs

6. because they have a certain rhetorical purpose to fulfill and a certain audience to reach.


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