HELP ME PLS ABCD Lang Po To ____1. A Text Structure That Is Usua…


ABCD lang po to

____1. A text structure that is usually bulleted or in number form is called ____

A. classification text type

B. enumeration text type

C. explanation text type

D. problem-solution text type

____2. Basically, listing particular information is called _______

A. classification

B. comparison and contrast

C. enumeration

D. time order

____3. A way of classifying and defining different types of language interaction, both spoken and written is called _______

A. feature

B. information

C. purpose

D. text-type

____4. My friends who visited me on my birthday were Mariel, Lanie, Frennie, Amy. This is an example of an ____ text structure

A. classification

B. cause and effect

C. explanation

D. enumeration

____5. Enumeration text-type is the easiest to understand because it merely presents information or items that are enumerated, itemized or ________

A. classify

B. explain

C. listed down

D. memorized

____6. An enumeration paragraph usually starts with the statement of the general subject that is broken down into parts, classes, etc. These parts are introduced by transitions or ____ words such as, the following, in many ways, 1st or 1 second, or next, and so on.

A. beginning

B. ending

C. middle

D. signal

____7. The following are my favorite subjects: English, Filipino, and Araling Panlipunan. The transition / signal word used in the sentence is ______

A. are

B. favorite

C. following

D. subjects

____8. I love being a senior citizen. There are number of things i can enjoy like having discounts on the purchase of my basic needs: being a priority lane and lastly the hugs and kisses of my grandchildren. This is an example of _______ text type

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A. classification

B. enumeration

C. explanation

D. information

____9. Then transition / signal word used in the paragraph above is _______

A. being

B. can

C. lastly

D. number

____10. Letter ____ below sows proper enumeration

A. apple, banana, grapes, pomelo

B. bags, books, crackers, notebooks

C. carnival, chicken, dog, fire men

D. leather, straight, silk, worn out

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Answer:1. D

2. A

3. D

4. C


6. D

7. C

8. D

9. C

Hopes it helped


1. b.

2. a.

3. d.

4. c.

5. c.


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