Do This Choose The Correct Expression Inside The Box Happy—-Angry—-Suspic…

Do this Choose the correct expression inside the box

Happy—-Angry—-Suspicious—-Afraid Pleading—-Apologetic—-Sarcastic Brave—-Sad—-Excited

Identify the mood expressed in each of this sentence.
1. I don’t want to see you ever again! Do you hear me?
2. Please, someone help me take my baby to the hospital!
3. Forgive me but I cannot grant your request.
4. My dad promised me a trip to Disneyland. I can’t wait for that day
5. The soldiers faced their enemies and fought with all their might. 6. I think the boy stole the bag.
7. As soon as Thess woke up, she smiled. The sun was shining. It was just the day to go around the town.
8. I have no time for you. Go away and find someone who will talk to you
9. While the lights were out, we saw a shadow moving and heard a soft moan. Suddenly we felt our hair standing,
10. My best friend passed away last night.​

1. Angry

2. Pleading

3. Apologetic

4. Excited

5. brave

6. suspicious

7. Happy


9. Afraid

10. Sad

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