Bieber Can Wallpaper A Room In 4 Hours And His Bro Can Do It In 6 Hours…

Bieber can wallpaper a room in 4 hours and his bro can do it in 6 hours? how long would it take if they work together?


2 2/5 hrs or 2 hours and 24 minutes


Let [tex]x[/tex] be the hour/s for the total job.

[tex]\frac{1}{4} x +\frac{1}{6}x = 1[/tex]

[tex](\frac{1}{4} +\frac{1}{6})x = 1[/tex]

[tex]\frac{5}{12} x = 1[/tex]

[tex]x=\frac{12(1)}{5} = 2 \frac{2}{5}[/tex]


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